Style Ranger Ashley Buero

Ashley Dixon Buero is a Style Ranger to the Nth degree! As a native Atlantan she encompasses so many Southern belle traits including beauty, sweetness, and grace but she also adds her own rockstar style & attitude into the mix.

A creative soul at her core, her appreciation of beauty & style led her to working at Van Michael Salon as a stylist & Director of Color Education. She also took advantage of her bewitching good looks and modeled for multiple years, including a three month stint in Milan.

Never one to not be busy, now she spends her days raising her two wonderful children, volunteering at their school Whitfield Academy, supporting her husband while he is running 101 Concepts Restaurant Group, working out and training in martial arts.

Cool fact: Ashley just received her black belt status after multiple years of training......WOW!!! Needless to say, this lady is a badass and definitely has her finger on the pulse of what is hot and what is not!

In this outfit she is ready for date night out with her handsome husband Steve Buero at 101 Steak!



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