Style Ranger Judy Christianson

Judy is a picture perfect Style Ranger! Her life is busy and she’s consistently on the go yet somehow always looks like she stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine.

Born and raised in Iowa, this Midwestern beauty makes the saying “If she’s the best, she’s from the Midwest” ring true. She attended University of Iowa for her degree in dentistry and has helped make thousands of children’s smiles beautiful ever since. Being fearless and an entrepreneur is in her blood....Four years ago she opened her own dental practice, Brookhaven Children’s Dentistry to the delight of the neighborhood and it's clear she’s giving the tooth fairy a run for her money.

Although her work consumes plenty of waking hours she still makes sure to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Weekends include attending fun festivals and concerts, checking out the hottest new restaurants, riding her custom built motorcycle, and working on her Chatarunga at Thunderbolt Power Yoga. Then when she has more than a few days off she’s instantly on a plane traveling the world & conquering whatever adventure each city has to offer.

In this magnificent picture Judy is styled for a casual, fun night out with her gal pals on one of her great trips or dinner at Bar Taco with a lucky date!



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