Style Ranger Lisa Stivers

Lisa is the ultimate Style Ranger! This gorgeous Midwesterner migrated to the south during her college years ( Tulane - undergrad and University of Tennesse - graduate school) and moved to Atlanta 6 years ago with her wonderful husband and kids to open a car dealership. With her easy going personality, great sense of style and an elegance that radiates from within she quickly has become one of Atlanta’s finest. 

When she’s not running her awesome kids around, this devoted exerciser can be found working out at our badass neighbors-Stellar Bodies, playing tennis with some of her besties, spinning at CYC or doing any other type of fun, intense exercise. Then she’s off to volunteer with Sarah Smith Elementary, Children’s Healthcare or any other cancer-related charities. 

Having survived Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 14 years ago, her true passion is to give back to the community and live an amazing life. Our job at Range is to help her look and feel beautiful doing it.

In this exquisite picture, Lisa is ready for a day of charity work or a casual night out with her husband at Bar Taco.



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