Style Ranger Lizette Dunay

Lizette Dunay is the epitome of a Style Ranger! It never ceases to astonish us how this beauty balances her busy life as a mom of two children, member of the University of Florida Alumni board, fabulous wife and amazing humanitarian. She truly is a “Wonder Woman” and does more in day than most do in a week. In addition, she always looks picture perfect yet is comfortable & brings a sense of serenity into all she does.

A strong and sexy Latina woman, Lizette was born in Colombia, South America and moved to Atlanta as a child. The south was lucky to gain this perfect example of someone who is “beautiful inside and out” and is an inspiration to many. 

Not only is she gorgeous, upbeat and a sheer joy to be around, she also is making a difference in the world every day! She co-founded and runs Cure CP, a non-profit organization that funds medical research for Cerebral Palsy. Cure CP’s mission is near and dear to her, and she stops at nothing to make it the best it can be. Someone so giving as Lizette is bound to capture our hearts! 

In this stunning photo, she looks magnificent and is sure to enchant her husband, Dave, on a romantic evening out where he’ll make all the other guys jealous.



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