Style Ranger Sandy McKown


Sandy is a Style Ranger to the core! This stunning, ray-of-sunshine lights up every room that she enters with her fabulous style, bombshell good looks and wonderful personality! 

For over 20 years she’s blended her great attitude and brilliant mind to work as a Mammography trainer for GE Healthcare and although she “officially” retired, she is about to begin consulting for them. We can’t even imagine how many women’s lives she has helped save in her career and just want to give her a big thank you.

She moved from Columbia, SC 6 years ago to be with her amazing husband and terrific stepsons. We definitely can state that South Carolina’s loss is Georgia’s gain. When she’s not focusing on fitness with yoga, spin class or weight training this ball of energy can be found attending sporting events, lunching with her hubby or doing dinners out with her gal pals.

Her look is unique, hip & fun and she’s always comfy and on trend. No matter what she is doing she is always dressed to the nines. That’s why she loves shopping at Range! 

In this magnificent picture she is dressed for a romantic night out with her handsome fella at Paces & Vine. 



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