Style Ranger Tara Hayes

Tara is a radiant beauty who embodies the essence of a Style Ranger! Her busy life as a mom to 4 amazing children, exercise enthusiast, wife-extraordinaire, and all around awesome friend never stops her from looking fabulous!

Raised in Atlanta with a Greek mother, she combines the sweetness & femininity of a southern gal perfectly with the exotic allure of a Greek goddess. With her sexy, yet approachable and friendly looks and gorgeous golden skin, she reminds us of America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston! Those Greek babes definitely have it going on!

An adventurous soul by nature, she has enjoyed experiencing different cultures. She lived in Greece for a summer, traveled the country working for the Olympic Torch Relay and lived in the Big Apple after she graduated with her masters from Georgia State University. We eventually got her back in the ATL and love styling her in pieces that fit the elegant yet casual style she cultivated abroad.

In this magnificent shot she is ready for a fun night out with her girlfriends or accompanying her awesome hubby to a cocktail party for the Atlanta law community.



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