Style Ranger's Fran, Adina, & Monica

“Happiness is mother and daughter time” and nothing could be more true for this stunning mom, Fran Robin & her beautiful daughters Adina Strauss and Monica Strauss. A fabulous trio with clearly amazing genetics, they spend tons of quality time together laughing, loving and supporting each other in all they do. Whether they are out for a walk around Chastain Park, cozying up at home watching a movie or out to one of Atlanta’s new restaurants together, their dynamics are infectious and have everyone wanting to be a part of this awesome family.

When asked what they love about their mom, we loved hearing that she was their hero! Not only has she taught them to be kind and see the good in others but also to appreciate their own self-worth and to never underestimate themselves. The admiration isn’t just one direction…Fran couldn’t say enough about her wonderful daughters including showing off her momma bear pride about their humor, resilience, confidence, beauty and ability to be friends with people from all walks of life.

These ladies are Style Rangers through & through. Their bond is what we all hope for plus they’re stunning, funny and kind. We love that they all shop at Range Boutique, and we’ve got one of the hottest families in Atlanta wearing our clothes!




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