Did You See Her Ass in That????

Sabrina Davis

Posted on September 11 2014

Did You See Her Ass???? Those were words that lululemon never realized they would live to regret with their see-through workout pant fiasco. Full Story

bad workout pants, what to wear to workout
Lululemon's Defective Pants - Don't Be A Lemon

As we all know, getting in shape is hard work. It's called "Working Out" for a reason, not "Playing Out". Most people think that I love exercising but that is definitely not the case. It never seems to get easier or more fun for me. I still workout multiple times a week but the only thing I like about it are the awesome clothes (well I guess being fit, too)!

what to wear for yoga
My yoga outfit and post-workout outfit - Range Boutique

We called in some of Atlanta's top exercise experts to help show what to wear to workout! Check out what these hotties wear when they're breaking a sweat & post-workout, too. P.S. If you haven't tried their workouts, now that you know what to wear there's no better time than the present!

flywheel sports atlanta, melissa demetrops
Flywheel Sports Buckhead - Melissa Demetrops styled by Range Boutique
Outfit for Class (left), Immediately after Class (middle) and After Class Running Errands (right)

Flywheel sports is spinning a web of gold with their amazing instructors, fast paced music and incredibly hard workout. It's the "see and be seen" of fitness in the ATL, so make sure you're ready. Melissa teaches at the Buckhead location -see her schedule by Clicking Here

blast 900 buckhead, what to wear to workout
Blast 900 Buckhead - Bri Sexton styled by Range Boutique in a perfect outfit for Blast

BLAST is a fat shredding, muscle toning, personalized group exercise class in which you alternate between cardio and strength training, each person working at their own pace to reach THEIR maximum effort. Bri teaches at Buckhead - see her schedule by Clicking Here.

eclipse one on one, personal trainers atlanta
Me, Eclipse 1- on- 1 owner & trainer extraordinaire - Jeff Toney & Atlanta's Top Jewelry Designer - Ingrid Ysla

This morning Ingrid and I went to Eclipse to get our booties in kick-ass shape. Jeff teaches one-on-one or in a group setting and is by far one of the best trainers I've worked out with. I personally prefer a group because it gives me more opportunities to complain to others but see for yourself. More info -  call (404) 843-2663.

what to wear to workout
Peachtree Road Bootcamp - Amy Glahn styled by Range Boutique in a workout (left) & post-workout outfit (right)

Peachtree Road Boot Camp is an awesome workout that I've done on and off for more than 5 years. It's fun & social, but also super hard. It's a cardio-junkies dream and has some of Atlanta's top runners attending. For more info on bootcamp Click Here  Feeling like a Fitness Fashion Guru now? Hope these outfit suggestions help and don't forget that even though "working out" is a killer, "playing out" looks better when you feel great about yourself! xoxo - Sabrina Davis - your Style Ranger Range Boutique - Atlanta

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