Style Ranger J.J. Radding

J.J. is a downright fabulous Style Ranger! This sparkling beauty makes looking casual & cool effortless. Don’t let her laid back style fool you though…. she can go from girl next door style to blonde bombshell in the bat of an eye and totally knocks it out of the park! That’s no surprise to Atlanta fashionistas because she helped them look their best for years at her former clothing boutique, Fickle Manor.

After owning two successful businesses and investing in Vida Flo, nowadays she can be found doing what many consider the hardest job in the world - being a mom! Although her adorable two year old son keeps her on her toes, she also keeps super fit status by toning her fab body between Blast 900 & The Forum.

A good friend to so many, we know why she’s one of the most loved gals in town. She gives her kind heart to family and friends and also helps with Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia and many dog rescue groups.

In this gorgeous photo , she is dressed for a romantic date night with her handsome and very fortunate husband at Hal’s. No matter where she is that smile will be brightening his and everyone else's day!



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