Style Ranger Kelley Day

Kelley is a Style Ranger through and through. This bombshell is always on the go and emanates style, beauty and confidence in all that she does. Even though she’s a Cajun gal at her core, she’s cultivated her style over the years through travel and living in Italy and the South of France. Range is the perfect combination of sassy, comfortable and casually chic for this hottie.

Her days are busy selling homes as one of Keller William’s top realtors and raising money for charities close to her heart. In her free time she can be found hard core working out, strutting her stuff on the golf course, doing fun adventures with her fabulous group of friends or spending quality time with her husband John and son Cruise who just returned home from the Marines. No matter where she is or what she’s doing her beauty radiates from the inside out and she always looks and feels amazing!

In this sensational picture Kelley is styled for a night out with her gals watching her friends Duran Duran in concert or for a date night with her hubby at Rumi’s Kitchen.



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